Anger Management Program

Anger can be destructive when you don’t know how to express it appropriately. It impairs your ability to process information and to exert cognitive control over your behavior.

When you’re angry you can lose your objectivity, empathy, cautiousness or thoughtfulness and may cause harm to others. Especially those closest to you. If you don’t know how to deal with anger you will tend to remember things from the past that have caused you to feel way, which just fuels the fire. It’s just how our minds work.

There Are 3 Types of Anger

Just like anything we do regularly, we get better at it. If anger has been an automatic response for you, over time you will get better at it. Meaning the feelings will become more intense, your reactions will be more out of control, and the consequences of your reactions will be worse.

You didn’t find this page for no reason. Either something has happened that’s caused you think “What have I done?” Or someone has given you an ultimatum. They’ve had enough and you need to change or they’re out the door.

You only get so many chances, right?

I work with people who have been ordered by the courts to do Anger Management as a consequence of their behaviour and people who realised they can’t keep doing this or it’s going to cost them their relationship, family or job.

I’ve written and published 8 books in self-help and business. One of them is called Anger: The Rage, The Rush, The Release. I’ve also written ebooks and toolkits for Anger Management.  You could say I know a fair bit when it comes to anger.

What I can tell you is Anger management needs to be something you choose for your own reasons.  You need to make a promise to yourself that you can and will do things differently. Make the commitment and understand that change is a process.

When you make a promise, you’re promising to control your anger, no matter what the circumstances or who it involves. You will be accountable for yourself from here forward. No more excuses.

Anger Management doesn’t mean you will never feel anger again.  So, know things will happen in life that will test your commitment to anger management. That’s why it’s important to learn new how to do it differently.

In knowing this you need to promise you’ll be willing to make the necessary changes within yourself to change your emotions, your thoughts and your reactions. And be willing to learn new coping skills.

You need to get the help you need and empower yourself with the ability to resolve conflicts and defuse situations and to ultimately keep your cool. And that’s where I come in. I’ve created an Anger Management program to demonstrate how to easy it is to change things you may feel are unchangeable.

The Anger Management Program Details

The Anger Managment Program is a combination of Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psychotherapy
You Will Learn:

The Change Process

When you’re committing to the Anger Management Program, you’re committing to becoming fully responsible for your actions and your outcomes. You’re committing to finding new solutions. You will prove to yourself and to everyone else that you’re a good person who is willing to change for the good of everyone in your life – including yourself.

When you look back on past situations and how you reacted you need to acknowledge there’s a better way to do in the future and I’d love to help you.

Time Frame

The program is run over 5 weeks. Sessions can be done weekly or sooner.
Each session takes an hour and half.


$1,200 in full or you can pay at each session ($260)

What to Do Next

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